ginger roots

My friend and I have always loved crafting. Whenever we get together, we are either working on a DIY project or brainstorming one up. A few months ago, she called me and suggested we start selling our crafts at local fairs and markets. It's an idea we had talked about before, and we'd always decided it was too much work....but this time I could tell she was motivated. We started talking logistics and suddenly what seemed impossible was becoming a very real endeavor. IMG_6284 
We will be selling one-of-a-kind cement & driftwood planters throughout the Bay Area at local fairs and flea markets. You can visit our website here and please support us by following along on Instagram! Right now our vision is pretty small, but we're hoping in time we'll be able to expand to local pick-ups and online orders. IMG_6306
I'm so excited to kick off this year with a fun, huge project like this... and I'm so thankful to do it with my best friend!


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