gift ideas: handmade + herbivore botanicals

herbivore botanicals & succulents // gingersnapsblog
We're getting down to the wire for holiday gifts! If you're like me, you prefer to ditch the mall and buy gifts online or make them yourself. To avoid looking like a total cheapskate, I try to combine handmade and storebought items into each gift. This year, I focused on making lots of cement planters (have loved trying new shapes!) filled with little succulents and paired each one with a pampering item from Herbivore Botanicals. You guys may remember them from this post, and I'm still using them regularly and have fallen in love with some of their other products.
herbivore botanicals & succulents // gingersnapsblogherbivore botanicals & succulents // gingersnapsblog
This coconut bath soak is a dream - probably my favorite product of theirs. It smells really soft and leaves your skin feeling like butter after a soak. You just toss in a scoop and let it dissolve.
handmade + herbivore // gingersnapsblog
This pink clay mask is pretty addicting. I don't use masks often, but I like this one because it's gentle and effective and doesn't take long to tighten on your skin.
herbivore botanicals & succulents // gingersnapsblog
These calm bath salts are really pretty and smell amazing (ylang ylang + vanilla). You drop them into the tub and after a minute they dissolve and make the water smell really good. If you follow me on Instagram then you already know I use these salts.
herbivore botanicals & succulents // gingersnapsblog
This jasmine oil is still something Kevin and I use regularly on our dry skin. It's not too oily and it smells amazing. Great for winter skin!
herbivore botanicals & succulents // gingersnapsblog
Hopefully I've helped you out a little bit for last minute gifts!

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