diy: geometric cement pots

I'm sure you've all seen something similar to these at a garden store or local boutique. If you're like me, you've ran over to it going "I NEED THAT" only to realize that no, you don't need that because you don't have $75 laying around. Well, I'm here to cheer you up because these are easy to make. 

I must admit, working with cement was a little intimidating at first. I had visions of myself getting stuck to something or the project just cracking in half when dry. It turned out to be really simple (when wet, the cement actually acts a lot like clay) and extremely cheap. My kinda project!

what you need: clean/dry carton, scissors, scotch tape, vaseline, quikrete (only $2.50/bag!), water, disposable cup/bowl and utensil (knife or spoon), water, dixie cup *optional: paint
Start with a clean, dry carton (milk/creamer/juice/whatever). Break it down and lay it flat. Trace out the shape(s) you want and then tape it all together. Make sure you tape every corner very well or cement will seep out. You also want to add extra tape for strength.
When your shape is completely taped, rub vaseline on the inside so it's completely coated. This will make removing the carton easier once the cement is dried. Mix cement with water - the package will tell you that you should use one pint per bag, but I used a lot more. Continually stir and get all the chunks out. Once your cement is your desired consistency (mine looked like pancake batter), pour or scoop it into your tapes shape(s). When the cement has dried for a bit and had some time to harden (about 3 hours), stick in your dixie cup to the center and push down. This will be the spot for the plant. Allow to dry for 48 hours. Once dry, remove the carton/tape from the outside. Decorate/paint however you'd like!

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