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I spent years straightening my curls. My hair would smell like a campfire and my ends looked like tree roots, splitting off into every direction. It wasn't cute.

When I went to college I finally started to embrace my natural hair, but it still took a lot of getting used to. I will always envy girls who can wake up without looking like angry lions, but I'm learning to love what I have. 

And now, the mane attraction...
 hair tutorial // deva curl  hair tutorial // deva curl
This kit has everything I currently use and I love it. I start by washing my hair (I only use shampoo/conditioner 2x/week, the other days I just wet it). When I get out of the shower, I wrap a towel around my head and go watch reality TV for a while with my coffee (that step is very important to get the right curls). After I let my hair down, I use the Styling Cream (4 pumps) to scrunch my hair all over. Then I go through and twist individual curls, focusing on the ones around my face.
hair tutorial // deva curl
After twisting, I blow dry my hair with a diffuser. I try not to touch it a lot while I'm drying it. After drying, I will go in and separate any chunky curls so it doesn't look like Little Bo Peep. Then I will usually use a little cheap hairspray to keep things from getting too frizzy. On days I don't wet my hair, I will usually go through with a small curling wand to clean up any messy curls.
hair tutorial // deva curl
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