diy: tabletop succulent garden

IMG_2625 What happens when you have two black thumbs and you thrift a planter? You make an indoor succulent garden, that's what. This time of year I always like adding plants/flowers to the house to remind me that there is life after winter - they make hibernating a little more cheerful (so do girl scout cookies). Also, this is another great way to use those little pallets!

what you need: wide planter, cacti, medium-sized rocks, small pebbles, soil, optional: cactus mulch
Begin by prepping your planter (I spray-painted mine white) - make sure it's clean and dry. Then, layer the bottom of the planter with medium-sized rocks. After that, add soil (I used a mixture of soil and cactus mulch) and fill almost to the top.
Begin planting your cacti (try to arrange them before you start adding them to your planter). Once you're satisfied with the arrangement and are done planting, add tiny pebbles to any exposed dirt. Voila!



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