diy: rosemary toner

Untitled Rosemary is full of nutrients and antioxidants, which makes it great for the skin. Now before you start calling me a hippie and doing this, let me also say that this toner cost me less than $1 and makes my skin feel as smooth and soft as any other brand-name toner I've used.

What you need: 1 branch of fresh rosemary, 1 cup water, sauce pan/strainer, empty bottle, funnel
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Boil 1 cup of water. Add rosemary (chopped off the stem), reduce the heat, and let simmer for approximately 3 minutes. Remove from heat, cover, and steep for 20 minutes. Strain and funnel into bottle. Keep refrigerated - toner will last up to 2 weeks. To use, wash your face and apply a quarter-sized amount with a cotton pad or washcloth (or keep in a spray bottle and spritz onto face). Simply let it air dry, and then follow with moisturizer.

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