diy: wooden dried flower coasters

When I saw these coasters on The Crafted Life, I knew I wanted to make them. They were really easy to do, but the drying time was longer than expected. I had wanted to give them to my mom for Mother's Day, but the glue wasn't dry in time and I didn't want to give her a tacky gift (pun intended).

You can find the tutorial on The Crafted Life, and I just followed the steps exactly. Good luck!
IMG_3620 IMG_3634

thrifted style: luck... or something like it

thrifted style
thrifted style thrifted style  thrifted style thrifted style
Thrifted Seychelles heels and Anthropologie dress

Thrifting is a game of luck, it's true. A lot of things need to line up - you need someone to be stupid enough to donate a great item, that stupid person needs to be your same size, and you need to have a limited social life so you can visit the thrift stores often and find that stupid person's treasure.

Sometimes you go and leave with nothing, other times you leave with something 'meh' because you don't want to walk away without something cheap to bring you 5 minutes of happiness. Then, every once in a great while, you find a brand-new Anthropologie silk dress in your favorite colors with a bird-related print. These are the kinds of finds that make me do this.

diy: wooden geometric magnets

diy II geometric wooden magnets
A while back I bought a $5 bag of these wooden rounds, and they just sat around. When it comes to crafting, I can be really indecisive. (Actually, when it comes to anything I can be really indecisive.) I finally decided to use the same idea I used for these mini terracotta pots and I love how they turned out! Once I started making them, I couldn't stop. I've made a set for basically every person I've ever bumped into.

what you need: wooden rounds, acrylic paint, paintbrush, tape, super glue, magnets
diy II geometric wooden magnets diy II geometric wooden magnets
I used the same technique I used for these little terracotta pots. Just tape off the section you want and paint it in your desired color. Let dry completely and continue until you have your desired pattern. When the paint is fully dry, turn over and glue magnet to the back. I made sets of 2-4 in matching colors, but you can get creative.
diy II geometric wooden magnets
diy II geometric wooden magnets diy II geometric wooden magnets diy II geometric wooden magnets